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Whites Multi Function Jump Starter.

The ultimate must have for any motorcycle, car or boat owner! This multi function power pack and jump starter will get you out of trouble, when trouble comes a calling.

Car or Motorcycle battery flat? Easily jump start 12 volt vehicles!
Smart Phone or Tablet down to that last nerving couple of %? Charges cell phones, iPads, iReaders, Tablets and more!
No light and trying to find your way around? LED Flashlight with 3 modes!

With built-in protection, you don't have to be concerned about over-charging or over-discharging the items you rely on the most. Automatic power off when power pack is no longer in use, and a charge indicator that allows you to keep an eye on the life saving as it happens.

Technical Specification:
Size: 135 x 76 x 16mm
Weight: 225g
Output: 5V = 2A; 12V Jump Start
Input: 12V = 1A
Full charging time: 2 hours
Start current: 200A
Peak current: 400A
Operation temp: - 20oC ~ 60oC / -4oF ~ 140oF

This product is NOT intended to be used with Diesel Motors.
Regular 2-3 month top up charges required to keep Power pack in most optimum life saving condition.