SUPERSPROX Steel Sprockets

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Supersprox Steel Rear Sprockets
Supersprox steel rear sprockets are produced from the highest grade SC45 steel. All sprockets come with an attractive anti corrosive zinc plated finish just like a genuine OEM sprocket. Many of these sprockets are supplied as OE fitment. KTM, Husqvarna, Honda are just a few.

Supersprox Steel Front Sprockets
Supersprox hardened countershaft sprockets are fully machined using the newest leading edge technology. The sprockets are hardened to 55Rc. All sprockets are then polished using a ceramic media to produce a truly excellent finish.

Supersprox have two preferred ways of measuring their sprockets. Firstly they have their own inhouse quality control procedures, which specify the type of measurement and the tools that they use to check the parts. This may typically be done with a digital vernier or a micrometer.

Secondly, one sprocket from each batch is tested with a ZIESS 450m computer controlled measuring machine. This allows them to have accurate measurements 4 places after the decimal point (0.000x).

Supersprox also has a testing program for material that enables them to analyse the specific characteristics like the tensile strength. This is carried out on each new batch of material that arrives into their factory. When a material batch has been tested the number relating to that batch of materials is then printed onto all production cards. The results of this testing are stored for 7 years, so that they have a chance to look back if there are any problems.

Supersprox sprockets offer superior quality and performance.


Fitments can be found in the 'Fitments' guide on this website 

Note: Some sprockets may be supplied in Vaz or Reikon until stock is replaced by Supersprox

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