SCOTT Prospect Super WFS Goggle

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Prospect Super WFS

Previously only available to our pro team riders, the SCOTT engineers have spared no expense in their quest to make the Prospect Super WFS the ultimate motocross racing goggle. With exclusive features and premium components, this goggle is as good as it gets.  

The SCOTT Prospect Super WFS is the ultimate motocross racing goggle. It possesses the same great features as the Prospect WFS, but the Super WFS version features a double WORKS lens with the unique addition of premium anti-stick dots and a mudflap with sealing tape for maximum performance. It is equipped with a WFS roll-off system for a large field of vision even in the muddiest conditions. The canisters can be clipped directly on the WORKS pins of the lens which makes their installation much easier and less time consuming. It takes almost no effort as there are no tools required. It also makes the switch from roll-off to tear-off simple and fast. If you require the best of the best, this is the goggle for you.

Spacer Foam and Double Lens block moisture and eliminate fogging while allowing for optimal breathability.  

To ensure the smoothest film transfer possible, anti-stick dots on the lens provide pro-level performance when you need it most. 

Specifically designed to create the ultimate seal to keep out any unwanted water drops. 

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