Oakley Front Line MX Goggles - Accessories & Spare Parts

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A range of replacement lenses, tear-offs* etc are available for the Oakley Front Line MX Goggles.

* All laminated Tear-Offs for Front Line MX will be Perimeter Seal for both included in with finished goods as well as Accessory item 14 pack. 

The perimeter seal has nothing to do with the lamination of the sheets as this remains the same, but rather has additional adhesive seal around the perimeter of the bottom sheet only in order to create a seal around lens to not allow moisture and dust/debris to get behind and in between TO stack and lens that would not be able to be cleared until all TOs have been removed. 

SAMPLE PICTURES FOR COLOUR OF LENSES - lenses are model specific.

Replacement Clear Roll-Off Lens (OA-102-516-010) is a single lens with a microbag (no mudguards)

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