Oakley Airbrake Eli Tomac Signature Goggles

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Made for more than just spotting obstacles, Prizm™ MX lenses help you see subtle transitions in dirt conditions so you can master all those split-second decisions to make the most of the ride.

You'll ride with greater confidence because the precise colour filtering helps you pick up fast lines, identify differences in dirt texture for traction control, and see deeper into ruts where the shadows live.

Prizm™ MX lenses are engineered to perform under a wide range of light conditions, so when the track or trail takes you from sunlight to canopy shade, you'll have all the performance advantages of sharpened visual acuity and vivid colour perception.

  • Helps you spot subtle transitions in dirt conditions by separating shades of brown
  • Enhances visual acuity and detail for making split-second decisions with greater confidence
  • Performs in a wide range of light conditions, including riding in and out of tree cover

When other four-year-olds were still playing in sand, Eli Tomac was ripping his up with a dirt bike. His love for riding led to eight amateur racing titles before he stepped into the arena of pro motocross in 2010 and became the first rider in history to win the first race he entered. After six podium finishes in his rookie season, he went on to dominate the 250SX West Region in 2012, capturing his first Supercross championship. We're honouring the young speed demon from Colardo with a Signature Series edition of Oakley Airbrake™ goggles. The neon green camo graphics salute Eli's brother, who serves in the military.

Optimised with a Prizm MX Jade Iridium lens, this collectible comes with a name tape strap patch that sports a print of Eli's Call Sign, plus a custom Microclear™ bag for lens cleaning and goggle storage. Additional name tape patches are also thrown in, including one that says "BAMF". (Yeah, that's right. Wear it proudly).