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Chest Protector 2.5


Unisex Fit: 50 to 80 kg

Lightweight Hard Shell Chest Protector

This light chest protector offers premium hard shell roost protection.
CE tested and certified, it scores a total of 3 points in the Leatt protection system.
The 3D design and adjustable waist straps offer a close fit that is also comfortable as well as ventilated. For your convenience, it is compatible with Leatt neck braces.

• Total Leatt® protection score of 3 points
• Hard shell protector
• CE tested and certified as roost protection:
•Chest EN14021
• Our 3D design ensures a great fit that is very comfortable
• Padded base layer
• Close fitting allows for over or under the jersey use
• Liberal venting helps keep rider cool
• Recess areas in both front and back integrates with Leatt® neck braces perfectly
• Adjustable waist straps for great fit
• Weight: 720g
• Unisex Fit
• 50 to 80 kg

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