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The Whites Electrical Assortment Pack contains 240 fuses ranging from 3-30 AMP in both mini and standard sizes, each with a different colour for quick and easy identification. The fuse assortment pack contains 15 of each and a total of 16 different types of fuse making this the perfect pack for your workshop, ensuring you have replacement fuses for almost every application. The fuses are provided in a plastic case with a clip lid and dividers for excellent storage and accessibility.

15 of each fuse included
16 different types of fuses
3, 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 AMP fuses included
Includes both mini and standard sized fuses
Storage container included
Dividers in the storage container
Colour coded for easy identification

Colour Coding:
Purple - 3 AMP
Orange - 5 AMP
Brown - 7.5 AMP
Red - 10 AMP
Blue - 15 AMP
Yellow - 20 AMP
Clear - 25 AMP
Green - 30 AMP

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