DID Chain & JT Sprockets Kit ATV

Stock Item: TRX90 93-02 O'Ring 277.13/1355.50/428V120 [AC]
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Two of the Great market leader, DID Chains and JT Sprockets have combined to give you the ideal retail package for your customer.

DID Chain:-

 D.I.D motorcycle chains used under the most rigorous conditions, the ultimate technologies used in DID chains provide resistance to wear, durability against fatigue, and quiet operation. D.I.D motorcycle chains are trusted and highly rated-that's why our chains are used in major motorcycle races, such as Moto GP, World Endurance Championship, Motocross, and the Paris-Dakar Rally. D.I.D is the number 1 global brand.

JT Sprocket:-

JT Sprocket use SCM415 Chromoly Steel and are fully heat-treated. Nearly all cheaper sprockets are only surface hardened. Once the hardened surface is worn the sprocket life is diminished.
Every JT sprocket is made the right way, by hobbing, machining and drilling. This is the only way to achieve the closest tolerances and the best tooth profiles. And every sprocket goes through 10 individual quality control checks before it leaves the factory. That is why we can guarantee the quality of every JT sprocket sold in New Zealand.

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