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Long Term Protection For Metal Surfaces

CRC Soft Seal provides a dry, transparent amber waxy film for heavy film protection of parts. It will not wash or wipe off even in severe conditions. It is a premium heavy-duty, long-term, indoor/outdoor corrosion inhibitor for machined metal surfaces and assemblies subjected to long periods of storage or adverse shipping conditions. It is highly resistant to humidity, salt water and spray, chemicals and corrosive atmospheres.

CRC Soft Seal is suitable for the protection and storage of electrical circuits and components, heat pump exterior units and condensers, metal parts and assemblies, alloy extrusions, dies and moulds, battery terminals and connectors. It protects for up to 2 years when exposed to severe salt spray conditions.

Temperature Range -20°C to +100°C.

Features & Benefits

  • Seals out moisture and corrosive contaminants
  • Forms a dry, transparent amber film which is highly resistant to humidity, salt water and salt spray
  • Never becomes brittle and will not crack
  • Will not attack plastic, rubber, paint or insulation material
  • Easy re-application over existing film and/or clean surfaces
  • Easily removed with CRC Brakleen or mineral spirits
  • Withstands 400 hours of salt spray test
  • Temperature Range -20°C to +100°C


  • Electrical circuits and components
  • Heat pump exterior units and condensers
  • Metal parts and assemblies
  • Alloy extrusions
  • Dies and moulds
  • Battery terminals and connectors

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