Bel-Ray Si-7 Full Synthetic 2T Engine Oil - 99440

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Bel-Ray Si-7 Full Synthetic 2T Engine Oil is specifically formulated for use in injector/autolube systems, but can be used as premix. The oil is formulated to eliminate smoke and carbon residue while providing the highest level of protection for all 2-stroke engines.   Bel-Ray Si-7 Full Synthetic 2T Engine Oil meets API TC, JASO FD and ISO L-EGD performance classifications ensuring the highest level of detergency for better performing, longer running engines.


  • For injector/autolube systems or premix in ratios recommended by the engine manufacturer, between 20:1 and 50:1
  • Equally suitable for air-cooled or liquid-cooled high performance 2-stroke motorcycle engines
  • For best performance and protection of high performance engines operating over a wide temperature range at high rpm and high loads or at idling speeds

Features and Benefits:

  • Fully synthetic - Fully synthetic formula for maximum engine protection and performance.
  • Superior anti-wear Reduces cylinder and ring wear.  Reduces bearing wear for longer engine service life.
  • Superior deposit control - Cleans existing deposits.  Reduces gum and varnish formation on pistons and ports. Prevents carbon build-up in piston ring lands and grooves for better compression.
  • Superior combustibility - Cleaner burning and smokeless.  Eliminates spark plug fouling, pre-ignition, exhaust port plugging.
  • Superior film strength - The oil clings to the metal surfaces to minimize friction and piston scuffing for maximum power.

General Description:

Bel-Ray Si-7 Full Synthetic 2T Engine Oil offers exceptional film strength for superior wear protection. It improves ring seal for maximum compression.  Bel-Ray Si-7 Full Synthetic 2T Engine Oil is formulated for total combustion, eliminating plug fouling and deposit build-up that can cause ring sticking, a major factor in engine failure and power loss.
API Service Category  TC 
JASO Performance Classification  FD 
ISO Performance Classification  L-EGD 
Mixing Instructions:  This product is formulated for a gas/oil injection or premix ratio ranging between 20:1 and 50:1.

Product No.  99440 

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