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• External Bar End Weight (set of 2) including bolts for mounting.
• Helps reduce handlebar vibration.
• Adds approximately 180g per side.
• Fit in conjunction with most Barkbusters backbones (except EGO).
• Adds a stylish finish to the handguard.
• Powder coated BLACK
Handguard fitting notes:
BHG-010 Requires two additional M6x40mm countersunk bolts
BHG-032 R1200GS/A requires two additional M8x55mm countersunk bolts
BHG-045 G650GS requires two additional M6x65mm countersunk bolts
BHG-047 800XC and 1200 Explorer use original M6x45mm bolts (from bike)
BHG-051 requires two additional M6x50mm countersunk bolts

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