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For many athletesthat have experianced aknee injury the recovery time can be long and painfull. Asterisk designed the Cell knee brace asthe great way to get back in the game without compromising your edge. The Asterisk Cell Knee Brace performs like a medically issued brace, but with the added comfort and functionality that only Asterisk provides.After its first introduction in 2001 the Cell brace has been taken to a new level with improvements to the Patella Cup system, new Uni-Quad Fastenersfor even more adjustability, improved quick-release buckles, andnewAnti-Rotation Tether are all designed to improve brace effectiveness. Technical Features: A.C.M. Frame Anatomically correct design

Carbon fibre epoxy matrix

Rigid and lightweight, impact distributing structure Carbon fibre injection molding process creates a strong, lightweight, rigid structure to help withstand forces and protect the knee. Ergonomically designed frame for an improved intimate feel for the bike. Asymmetrical-Glide Hinge Tracks the natural "rolling-gliding" motion of the knee joint

Asymmetrical design alows each hings to set properly at the knee joint

Allows for automatic tibia adjustment of lower frame

Adjustable extension regulator from 0 to 40 degrees The only hinge ever developed that can contour the inside of a leg at an oblique angle to the outside hinge. This allows for a low profile fit. Simulates the natural knee motion of flexion (bending) and extension (straightening) and automatically aligns /locates /positions /the tibia (shin bone) for a proper fit. Prevents slipping and positioning of the frames on the leg and has a "free" non-restrictive motion. Auto aligning allows for the frame to automatically locate the correct angle of the users lower leg. Uni-Quad Fastener One unit, four adjustable zones

"Hyper X" lacing pattern links zones for optimum extension resistance

Eliminates brace slippage

Distributes pressure evenly to the back of the leg

Superior security versus traditional strapping
If no or low stock shown, please call White's to break up a pair of knee braces

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