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First to adopt the "GP BELT" and "V-MS BELT", a direct line of MotoGP, to commercial tires. Our flag ship model "RACING BATTLAX V02" with strong gripping strength and a long wear life has been raised to a higher dimension. In the previous V01 product, the area which came in contact with the ground had lower ground contact pressure when cornering.

This new construction GP-BELT equalizes ground contact pressure and enlarges the ground contact surface area contributing to a better grip. Improved gripping performance when cornering and controlled wear have been realized. By controlling wear, a softer compound can be used for GP-BELT. This improves gripping performance for all temperature ranges.

The use of the newly developed V-MS BELT allows the rigidity distribution of the tread to be optimized, resulting in significantly improved contact properties. Because this enabled a more uniform distribution of contact pressure, the tread makes more efficient contact and grip performance is enhanced.

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